First designed between 1951 and 1954, Twentieth Century Medium is a medium weight version of one of the most ubiquitous san serif typefaces of the second half of the last century. Also known as Spartan and Futura (depending upon which type foundry was casting the type), Twentieth Century is the Lanston Monotype version of this family of typefaces, and was designed by Sol Hess.

Most of The Grunge Papers' holdings of Twentieth Century Medium were cast for us by M & H Type of San Francisco, though some were also picked up from Don Black Linecasting in Toronto.

French accents are available in lowercase for 8 and 12 point Twentieth Century Medium.

Note that The Grunge Papers currently only has caps, figures and points in the 30 point size of this face. No lowercase letters are available.

Please note that the printing in the image above is larger than "life size". Between that and the less-than-ideal resolution of the digital photo, the imprint of the type appears larger and rougher than it actually is.