Sadly, this was the last typeface designed and cast by Canadian typographer, graphic artist and printer Jim Rimmer before he passed away in 2010.

Named in memory of his friend the American printer Chris Stern, this face is an upright italic intentionally designed for the printing of poetry. A 16 point face set on 18 point type, cut and cast at Jim's Pie Tree Press & Type Foundry in New Westminster, BC, Stern was the first typeface to be released simultaneously in metal and digital formats.

In DA #66, Brian Maloney (the co-founder of the Type Club of Toronto) calls Stern "a landmark release that exhibits the full spectrum of Rimmer's accomplishment in the field of type design."

The trailer for "Making Faces", a 45 minute documentary film about Jim Rimmer and his making and casting of Stern can be found here on YouTube.

 Please note that the printing in the image above is larger than "life size". Between that and the less-than-ideal resolution of the digital photo, the imprint of the type appears larger and rougher than it actually is.