Another very lovely typeface designed by BC's Jim Rimmer and cast at his Pie Tree Press & Type Foundry in New Westminster.

Named in memory of Jim's father, Nephi Mediaeval takes printing with movable type back to its very beginning. The design is actually based on a semi-roman face first used in 1468 by Conrad Sweynheym and Arnold Pannartz,  the two German printers who had worked for Johann Gutenberg in Mainz and who introduced the art of printing to Italy.

William Rueter of the Aliquando Press says of Nephi Mediaeval (in DA #52) that the face is "bold but not weighty, has remarkable freshness and energy, and captures the spirit of early printing magnificently."

Please note that the printing in the image above is larger than "life size". Between that and the less-than-ideal resolution of the digital photo, the imprint of the type appears larger and rougher than it actually is.