Designed by Carl Dair for the Canadian Centennial in 1967 and named for the great French explorer Jacques Cartier, this typeface was the first book face designed by a Canadian since 1840. Though the design was released for phototypesetting in 1967, the early death of Carl Dair and the declining interest in letterpress printing meant that Cartier was not cut as a metal typeface at that time.

Although several digital versions of Cartier have been released in the intervening years, it was only in 2004 that Jim Rimmer - a well known typographer, type caster, printer and graphic artist based in BC - finally cut the design for casting as metal type. The Grunge Papers' holdings of Cartier were bought from Jim during the summer of 2004.

Please note that the printing in the image above is larger than "life size". Between that and the less-than-ideal resolution of the digital photo, the imprint of the type appears larger and rougher than it actually is.